The Europan 10 competition


The objective of Europan is to bring Europe’s young architecture and urban design professionals to the fore, to publicize and develop their ideas. It is also the goal of the organization to help cities and developers which have provided sites to find innovative architectural and urban solutions for the transformation of urban locations.
Europan 10 is a European federation of national organizations, which manages architectural competitions followed by building or study projects. It is launched simultaneously by several countries on common theme, objectives and rules.
The French Government founded the Pan (Programme d’Architecture Nouvelle) competition system in 1971, with a main goal to obtain high quality urban design and architectural projects, mainly at the field of social housing design. Parallel with the European integration processes, the French initiation was raised to a European level in 1988. In the Europan 1 competition 9 countries participated, while the number of participants has reached 18 countries in Europan 4. By the year 2000 the Europan urban design and architectural competition became the largest competition system for young architects, urban and landscape designers, concerning both the number of competition entries and the acknowledgement of the competition.
In the Europan 10 session organized by the 19 member and associate countries 4219 teams registered on the 62 sites. 2429 teams (approximately 10.000 young professionals) submitted an entry. More than half of the competition winning projects of the last 20 years have reached the implementation phase.
Many well known young Europan architects and architecture offices (eg: S333, SMAQ Architecture, SeARCH, Riegler Riewe, Nieto Sobejano or the Hungarian 3h) founded their later carrier at the Europan competition. Nowadays a winning or a runner-up entry at the competition is considered one of the most significant references in a young European architect’s portfolio. [...]
Thanks to the reorganized secretariat (Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre), the selection process of the site of Europan 10, was completely reconsidered. The Hungarian National Committee of Europan made the final selection from the presentation materials prepared by the municipalities applying for the opportunity to take part in the competition. For the task of the competition the commercial and administrative center of Ajka has been chosen.

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