Charter of the participating countries

Europan 9: Urban Magma

Europan 9: Urban Magma (winner project of Tur Juan, Arriero Ana, Esteban Carlos Higinio and Paz Carmen)

As representatives of the national Europan structures for Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and signatories of this Charter, we undertake to participate in Europan 10.
We believe that architecture and urban design play a major role in the enhancement of the urban environment and living conditions, and contribute in a fundamental way to the cultural life of Europe.
We endorse the initial objective of Europan to give shape to the concept of a Europe in which young people can make an innovative contribution to architecture, urban design and housing, by organizing a federation of European countries around competitions of architectural ideas and exchanges between professionals in the field.
For these reasons:

  • We hereby establish scientific and cultural exchanges in the fields of architecture, housing and urban design. The purpose of these exchanges is to facilitate better communication of that which the towns, cities and countries of Europe have in common, so that they can each benefit from the other’s experiences, while maintaining their national, regional and local characteristics.
  • We offer young European architects the opportunity to express new ideas in their projects and thereby to contribute to the development and renewal of architecture and urban design, and we assist them to realize operations that put these ideas into practice;
  • In our undertakings, we work in partnership with European towns and cities which are seeking innovative urban responses to changing lifestyles;
  • We wish to extend the scope of Europan’s ideas beyond the organizing countries, and encourage and invite other European countries, which are not yet able to organize a competition, to join our organization in an associate capacity;

We hereby decide to start a tenth session of Europan on the generic theme:


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