Proceeded to second jury round: HS138 – Human scale

Zsuzsanna TÓTH, architect; Csaba HORVÁTH, architect; Tamás HOFFMAN, architect (Budapest, Hungary)

Human Scale: madártávlati kép a Csingeri út felől

Human Scale: madártávlati kép a Csingeri út felől

Although Ajka has a history of many centuries, it has been a town for fifty years and is the home of a wide range of industries, it has not been able to develop a city centre of urban character. [...]

One of the major problems of the centre is that in many cases closed backside facades are facing the valuable public spaces. [...]

Our concept is to create a structure that provides the separation and the connection of the masses and the voids both in a vertical and horizontal direction. This way the directions, masses and spaces are united in a meaningful coexistence. [...]

A classical Agora has to be provided with entertainment (cinema, exhibitions), shopping, market, and office facilities. This way the traditional urban activities such as looking and being seen, strolling, communicating will be supported. [...]

As Ajka has missed some stages of historical development, no religious or other major public building could become the focal point of urban activities. Therefore while reinterpreting the centre, besides dealing with the new buildings, we also have to create the public space system of the area.

/read the rest of this writing –including more plans and renderings– in issue No.17./

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