Proceeded to second jury round: CC183 – Agoraphilia

Massimo ACITO, architect, team leader; Marco BURRASCANO, architect; Luca CATALONO, landscape architect; Annalisa METTA, landscape architect; Luca REALE, architect; Caterina ROGAI, architect; Lucia DE VINCENTI, architect; Francesco D’IPPOLITO, draughtsman (Osa Architettura e Paesaggio, Rome, Italy)

Agoraphilia: bird's-eye view from Csingeri Road

Agoraphilia: bird's-eye view from Csingeri Road

Problems tackled

  • Lack of identity of the city centre: Today Ajka is more a summa of settlements than a city, the identity of Ajka has been the industrial district since 1960, and today there is no city core yet.
  • Green character to preserve: The structure of the settlement is based much more on natural elements than buildings and infrastructures, this concerns the old villages but also the socialist modern district.
  • Isolation of the project site: The project site is isolated, surrounded by routes and not linked with the public services around; all the area suffers a lack of quality in architecture and public spaces.

Conceptual approach

The public space as urban structure: The quality of public space will define the new city centre, a town centre in a classical sense with a big, paved space, a piazza, connecting the public services and working as an intense core for public life.

Urbanity [...]

Revitalisation [...]

Pedestrian priority [...]

Vegetation [...]

Density and concentration [...]

Connectivity [...]

Identity [...]

Sustainability [...]

Environmental planning [...]

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