Landscape management as a local tool for landscape protection

ILLYÉS Zsuzsanna

(From previous issue No.40)

By the early XXI. century, our understanding of landscape has extended past the mere grasp of uniqueness, natural and cultural values and attractiveness, and now includes knowledge about vegetation, spatial structure – both constantly changing in space, time and quality – and ecological functions. As a result, the functions of landscape protection have also become more extensive and complex – today, we consider landscape to be an entity with its own identity and history, that might be damaged in several ways, but can also be developed. Spatial planning and the protection of heritage and landscape have created a system of support and protection for restricting landscape use both legally and spatially. However, within the system, there is a lack of local professionals (both as a profession and as executive employees) who can apply the knowledge, understand the framework and are able to execute plans. The landscape management programme to be launched by SzIU will focus on the following landscape protection issues:

_ Protection of the ecological state
of landscapes
_ Protection of cultural heritage
_ Sustaining traditional and traditionally
innovative farming
_ Improving the population retention
and urban environment in
_ Rehabilitation of landscapes,
mitigation of disturbing or destructive

Landscape managers can and will be local professionals in charge of landscape and heritage protection issues, utilizing their knowledge of landscape, culture, farming and communities. Landscape is the „product” of local communities, therefore understanding and managing processes in local communities, as well as dissemination of information about the landscape, will be a major part of the training programme.

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