Issue No.20 (2010)

4D No.20 cover


  • ALMÁSI Balázs, BAKAY Eszter, BALOGH Péter István, GERGELY Antal
    The 21st century character of a village mains square -
    Revitalisation of Tisza István Square, Nagykovácsi
  • SZILÁGYI Klára, VAJDA Szabolcs
    The gardens of Pannonhalma -
    Touristic development of the Pannonhalma Benedictine Archabbey's botanic garden, Hospodár garden and Lavender garden
  • DREXLER Dóra
    Thoughts on landscape, the specificities of Hungarian landscape perception and their cultural-historical reasons
  • JÁMBOR Imre
    Garden, plants and hardscaping -
    Lessons from a student design competition