Issue No.27 (2012)

No.27 is somewhat unusual. The English language only issue summarises the history of MŐCSÉNYI Mihály and Hungarian landscape architect education, completed with the finest thesis plans from previous year and the porfolios of Landscape Architect of the Year nominees of 2012.


  • Kinga SZILÁGYI
    An outstanding contribution to 20-21. century landscape architecture;
    The IFLA's 'Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award' to prof. Mihály Mőcsényi
  • Imre JÁMBOR
    Education from garden design to landscape architecture in Hungary
  • Kata NYITRAI
    Diploma works at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture of the Corvinus University of Budapest

    • Gábor BÖHM
      The design and open space planning of the Kossuth Square in Tata, Hungary
    • Katalin Anna CSILLAG
      Architectural open space planning of Kálvária Square of Budapest
    • Gábor GYENES
      Study plan on the protection of the fish ponds located in Biharugra, Hungary
    • Orsolya GYÖRÖK
      The open space design of the Zichy Grove in Székesfehérvár, Hungary
    • Lőrinc MÁRTON
      The renewal of the public park in Városmajor, Budapest
  • Imre JÁMBOR
    The Landscape Architect of the Year 2012 Prize has been awarded;
    The finalists and their work

    • Albert FEKETE
    • Anikó ANDOR
    • Péter István BALOGH and Sándor MOHÁCSI
    • Ágnes HERCZEG
    • István STEFFLER
    • Márta SIMON-KISS