Issue No.32 (2013)



    Resilient and adaptable cities

  • LOCSMÁNDI Gábor, SZABÓ Árpád, SZABÓ Gyöngyvér

    The Europan competition

  • Adaptable city
  • Strategies, ideas, concepts
  • HAVADI Erik, SZABÓ Árpád

    Context and programme

  • SZABÓ Árpád, SZABÓ Gyöngyvér, BALOGH Péter István

    Landscape and identity in the adaptable city

  • Teams of the competition
  • Results of the competition
  • Recommendations by the Europan jury for the municipality of Zugló
  • CM063 - Chain reaction
  • CB574 - Manual for the clumsy city
  • IZ264 - Tune up, Zugló!
  • DV913 - Letting flow
  • VD545 - The rhythm of the line
  • Europan organisation