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How does urban greenery influence our physical, social and psychological well-being?

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(From previous issue No.38)

Statements such as „being in nature” and „being in the landscape” release positive emotions in our brain. This effect and the reactions initiated by the experience of being in nature have been scientifically proven in the psychological, physical and social fields. Given that modern life is predominantly urban, the creation of urban open spaces is of particular importance, allowing the positive effects described above to impact on the lives and activities of city dwellers. Having access to a variety of urban open spaces supports our wellbeing in many ways. The empirical study explained in this article explores issues around the perception of and the effects of different public open spaces.

Landscape scenes versus city squares

Open spaces in cities are complex places which not only allow leisure activities but are also places of residence, work and social encounters and are therefore partly responsible for increasing the quality of urban life. Schwartze and Rudisuli describe urban public open spaces firstly, as leisure and living space, secondly, as having a social function, and thirdly, as having a psychological- hygienic function. The latter became a trendsetting research chapter, which was identified as a future oriented theme during the 6th European Public Health Conference.