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From landscape character to urban image; transformation of vineyards in the old Buda regions

11:00 PM

Zsuzsanna ILLYÉS, Zsófia FÖLDI, Eszter JÁKLI, Eszter KATÓ, László NÁDASY

(From previous issue No.48)


Buda hills — considered as a liveable urban environment and attractive living space — has been formed on site of former vineyards. Similar area changes have occurred in different European capitals too, but, in terms of viticulture, corresponding territories have been occupied by urban landscape in a different manner. The primary focus of our study was to identify the building blocks of the Buda facade and its background.

Map of the study area – the Buda hills

Map of the study area – the Buda hills

This paper intends to analyse the landscape/urban transformation Buda vineyards has undergone since the last decades of the 19th century. The changes were analysed at the same territory using identical point of views. The study — by exploring the phases and driving forces of changes in urban growth and plant cover — intends to present the preserved characteristics and landscape elements of viticulture. Landscape approach of people at all times is pictured through the inconstant ways and tools of searching for landscape experience. The results show, that, in terms of Buda, the civil villas and estate centres of hill estates could be identified as the archetype of the subsequent urban growth character. The gradual urban growth followed by the phylloxera plague is equally attributed to the constant residential needs and to the inner market crisis of viniculture. The significant number of trees has a beneficial effect on urban character and a harmonising impact on architectural diversity. On the contrary, today, the same trees rather obstruct the visual connections from the higher parks and lookouts. According to the uniform landscape/urban character of Hegyvidék— divided into districts in terms of public administration —, its similar development history, as well as its values and problems, a capital zone levelled image regulation is needed.